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Foresite - Supply Chain

At Mace all Trade Contractors & Suppliers are approved via our Supply Chain Management division prior to use on any projects. The criteria by which they are assessed is via a prequalification questionnaire & meetings with the companies themselves in order to confirm their suitability & start to build a partnership.

Performance of Trade Contractors on our projects is critical for current & future work; therefore project teams measure each Trade Contractors performance for feedback & sharing with Mace personnel & the Trade Contractors themselves. Trade Contractor development takes place utilising this valuable information, also benefiting our clients through improved performance.

Our supply chain is encouraged to utilise web-based technology via the toolkit provided by the construction industry portal, Asite. Whilst using the collaboration & e-procurement tools ourselves, we endorse the use of these tools throughout our supply chain via the Trade Contractors who work with us.

Through the use of leading edge technology in partnership with our supply chain we can continue to bring best in class solutions to our clients. Mace have established a two-way communication route for our people and our suppliers in Foresite. The ForeSite system allows for the collection and publication of trade package and equipment lead times and facilitates Mace communication with our supply chain and provides a vehicle for our supply chain to feedback valuable package performance information.

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