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Foresite - Trade Contractors

Mace recognises that every project we undertake, we undertake in partnership with our trade contractors, relying on each other to achieve excellence in delivery and delight the client.

We only use contractors who have a proven track record with us at delivering to the standards that we and our clients expect.

If you have previously worked with Mace:

You will have already achieved one of the following levels of status:

  • Approved – this means that your details are available to all project managers within Mace and that you can be contacted to tender for work.
  • Preferred – this means that you are one of our elite suppliers and enjoy many benefits.

If you have NOT previously worked with Mace:

  • Although we do look to refresh our supplier base we do not accept nor respond to unsolicited approaches or enquiries.
  • The only way to be invited to tender is through a direct personal recommendation from any Mace staff member or client, or Preferred trade contractor, or a professional team member.

This approach delivers true value to the client as we can be confident that our supply chain can deliver on the most exacting and complex of project.